Recycle Bottles… :)

Hello friendssss……

Hows going… guyzzz again m posting some cool weekend craft ideas for u all…. Almost everybody has holiday on saturday n sunday ri8…? So why dont u guyzzz try dis beautiful recycle bottle project…


I guess so many of u drinks cold drink, some haves beer or any other drinks dat comes in glass bottles…

Glass bottles obvioulsy comes in different shapes and sizes…. What you guys do with that bottles ? throws away….? 

Now onwards don’t throw them away…. seriouly you can’t imagine how beautiful they turn into……

Today i came with such beautiful ideas to recycle bottles that u can place as a center piece in your home…. Or you can decorate them in ur backyard ,garden or anywhere you want to look place attractive and beautiful…There are many ways to recycle glass bottles… Some of them are here…

Inner Paint bottles….


All you have to do is just make any colour of your choice, make sure it should not so watery ,and not so thik. put dat paint into d bottle and rotate it all aroud so it should cover all part and take out remaining colour in container… and keep it up side down on paper and let it dry… dats it… 🙂

images (50).jpeg



images (49).jpeg

You can also paint it from outside as your choice… 

Washi Tape


Have u heard about washi tapes , trust me guyzz these are just amazing material to decorate anything . they comes in such beautiful colours and so many different patterns , designs… I’m such a big fan of washi tapes n have such good collection… U can cut them in any shape u want n can decorate bottles…

images (46).jpeg

images (47).jpeg

Firstly when I come to knw about washi tapes i ask in almost every stationary stores in my area.. But didn’t get it So from here i got such awesome washi tapess…

here it is… I’m sure you will love this collection.

washi tapes

Stickers and craft papers

unnamed (1).jpg

This is the another way to decorate bottles… Kids loves such kind of projects to do so…. they looks so pretty for kids bedroom or in garden.. 

Glittered Bottle…

Howzz it if you gift someone a glittering champagne…?

images (51).jpeg

images (52).jpeg

download (15).jpeg

Its very simple … You just have to apply some fevicol or clue with brush on bottle all over and apply glitter on it… Apply thick layer and dab on paper or surface so remaining glitter will fall down.. And wwooooohhhooo beautiful glitterd Champagne is ready to gift… 😉

I hope you all lyk dis ideas and would love to try dis… let me knw your views and more ideas if u have…..

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Thank You…!!!

Thank you…!!!😄

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What an amazing feeling it is…. I jst woke up in d morning n got a notification of “congratulations u got 100+ follows….” wowww…. was so happy…. 
All credit goes to u all guyzzz…. Thank you so much to follow my blog n spending ur valuable time looking to my posts n my blog… and appreciating my posts…. 

keep showering ur love n blessings… 

Thank you from d bottom of my Heart…. Love u all….😘😘😍 Have a gr8 day …😘

Weekend craft….Rock Paintinggg…❄🍁

Hello Friendsss…. weekend is here n m sharing some rock painting ideas for ur garden,home or wherever u want to decorate….

Rocks Are Not Lifeless….

They Resonate with A memory that is the very essence of Life itself…..😄:)

See its so simple… All u want to have some little painting ideas skills n acrylic colours with some brushes…. 

It’s Amazing to gift someone beautiful stone & they will remember you always…. Rather than giving flowers which gets dry n fragranceless after some time…

I get this acrylics colour from here….″>Camel Acrylic Color Box – 9ml tubes, 12 Shades

❄Winter Care Body Lotion…:)😄

Now a days…. I feel ma skin was getting dry… n in dis season I guess everyone suffers through it… So take care of ur skin specially in winter…❄

So I have decided to make my own body lotion which was so natural… And would lyk to share the recipe with u all…. The body lotion we buy from store had contain so many preservatives or chemicals etc… so why not we make our own natural healthy body lotion…

You won’t believe how easy this is to make!  I’m a HUGE fan of coconut oil.  I love slathering it on after a hot bath or shower.  I have really dry skin , especially in the winter, and my skin just loves to soak up the coconut oil.

Doesn’t it almost look like frosting? You could eat it, but your skin will like it more.

So here’s how you make Whipped Body Lotion…

Whipped Body Lotion:-


That’s it!  You could totally pick whatever scent you love – but I adore lime with coconut.  So place your solid coconut oil in a mixing bowl.  I do 1 cup batches, but you could easily do more.  Drop in 5-10 drops of lime essential oil.  I’d start with 5 and see how strong the scent is for you.  Add more if you want a stronger scent.

You can also use this in summer bt remember in summer the coconut oil may melt so keep it in freezer… And it will also feel cool on skin…

I hope u guys lyk it n would try… It was really effective… And most of all anyone can use it.. 

So plzzzz do comment if u lyk it… and also let me knw if anyone of u having another good recipe for body lotion… 🙂

Happý  Winter…. :-)

Hello Friendsss…. it’s a start of cold weather and also a season of new wardrobe  collection and fashion… so here I bought u how u can decorate your old jeans to new refreshing one… 
For this I used acrylic colours which are suitable for  fabrics… n d pic  above speaks all d steps so no need of decription ri8…? 

Enjoyyyy d cold weather…. Happý Winter guys… ❄⛄❄

DIY gold designs….

make ur own Gold paper designs on bags or cloths n shineee ….. 

We’re in love. Gold transfer foil is the stuff DIY dreams are made of. You can add a touch of gold to a tote using transfer foil and brush-on adhesive, designed specifically for fabrics…

This technique also works on wood, cork and some paper objects as well as an endless list of fabric items. So take a look around and start thinking of what objects in your home could use a metallic accent!

Materials :-
– Paintbrush

– Parchment paper

Additional Tools :-

– Iron

– Scissors (optional)

– Paper plate


1. Squirt some glue onto a paper plate or other surface not used for food.

2. Brush a thin layer of glue onto your tote bag.

3. Let glue dry slightly for 30 seconds.

4. Place one sheet of gold transfer foil on top of the glue, silver side down.

5. Lay a sheet of parchment paper on top of the gold foil and iron for 20 seconds.

6. Let sit until completely cool to the touch, and peel away the gold foil.

7. Repeat this process until you are happy with your design.

8. Let gold foil cure completely for 72 hours before use….!